Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wedding chandeliers

A few weeks back I photographed the wedding of an old school friend (more of which later) and I was also asked to make some decorations for the venue. We came up with these huge coloured tissue-paper-and-drinking-straw chandeliers, inspired by the ridiculously intricate polish 'pajaki' and in colours based on the crazy-amazing cake below.
Here they are in the Portstewart golf club on the big day. I tried to make them all slightly different, adding strings of pearls and tassels to some, and they hung above the dancefloor, narrowly avoiding being ripped to shreds when the nearby pinata was attacked with a broom at the end of the night.
If you would like me to make some of these for your own wedding or event just drop me a line at

Sunday, 19 August 2012

love is in the air.....

Happy belated congratulations to my lovable brother Colm and his adorable fiance Dinali on their engagement! (at the top of Snowdonia should you be interested) And we've just had a wonderful weekend of 60th birthday celebrations for my pa and did our bit for international relations, bonding with our fabulous in-laws to-be Rohan and Swarna.

I hope your weekend has been suitably entertaining!

(and apologies for my fall of the face off the planet recently, I've been super busy with all sorts of crafty goings-on. More of which to follow............Real soon.)