Thursday, 21 February 2013

With this ring......


So you may have gathered that I like getting my craft on, but I've always been a bit useless when it comes to fabric crafts. My seamstress granny taught me to sew (ish) but to my shame I've never learned to crochet, knit or make clothes.
So I made my fabric crafts debut with this little ring cushion. My sister was recently bridesmaid for her lovely friend Angharad's winter wedding in Cambridge and I undertook to make this for her. The burgundy felt went with the colours of the wedding and as she was a Northern Irish girl marrying an American in England, we chose to use the vintage Irish lace doilies to reflect her roots.

It turned out quite cute I think, just don't look too closely at the stitiching!

(I took these photos before posting the ring cushion so that's my beautious engagement ring that Danny chose all on his own-io. Clever boy!)

precious stones

Okay so this is clearly not a fashion blog but I couldn't resist posting this amazing malachite print  dress I came across because it's a total work of art and I covet it ever so.
Malachite is mined in Zambia and I got a beautiful bangle and necklace when I was there so I've got the jewellery all sorted and now I just need someone to lend me the $$$$$ needed to buy it (from designer Monique L'huilier)

Plus: Florence dresses as a sexy dinosaur.
Love it.