Monday, 28 February 2011

Random photo of the day

Beautiful plant life on Santorini, Greece.
copyright Maeve Henry 2011

Stoney faced characters

Some more Belfast wanderings.

These pictures are of the stunning stone carvings on the outside of what is now the Malmaison Hotel in Belfast. The building started life as a Victorian seed warehouse and I'd imagine these exotic characters represent the people of the far off lands they traded with.

A reflection of Malmaison in the building opposite.

Today's find

I came across this old school polaroid camera today. The only probem is that polaroid stopped making film in 2008 so I may have to rummage around a bit to find some for it. But that's okay, I'm a good rummager.

Love the box.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Good to go

I've now got my own embroidery ring and thread so I'm ready to get going on my newest favouritest passtime. You can get embroidery equipment for crazy cheap in any craft shop or haberdashers. I'm going to start experimenting with using different papers and fabrics though perhaps I shouldn't get ahead of myself and learn the basic stitches first.

Today's find: folding table


I fear this may be one of those vintage 'treasures' I've found that other people wouldn't let near their house in a month of Sundays.
I know this table is in bad taste, but that's kind of why I love it. Also because it was only £2!
And sure it's rusty on top but I prefer things a little beat up and knackered. Perfection is boring.

Embroidering the truth

I returned to the Ps2 Gallery on Donegall Street in Belfast last night to finish off the piece of embroidery I had started. The artists involved (Hannah, Lyndsey and Alessandra - see and )are really inspiring and talented in so many different ways and I left the class feeling encouraged to try out some new art forms.

Lyndsey, Amy and Miguel absorbed in their masterpieces.
Below, my hastily completed embroidery sample. I am LOVING the rainbow coloured thread - got to get me some of that.

Some of the artwork on the walls.

The exhibition has been extended for a week so if you're going to late night art in Belfast next Thursday 3rd March, make sure to call in to Ps2.

Belfast wanderings

I was early for my embroidery class at Ps2 yesterday evening so I had a walk around North Street and High Street with my camera.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Adventures on planet Earth: Hamilton Island

During 2004 and 2005 I spent six months living an idyllic life on Hamilton Island in the the Whitsundays off Queensland, Austrailia. I worked as a yacht detailer for a charter company. It was hard work but always fun and a major perk was that we could take yachts out for free on our days off.

Seemingly endless days were spent sailing, snorkelling, walking barefoot through deserted islands and grilling fresh fish on our barbeque on the boat. Yes I'm sickening myself too. Oh to go back.

Catseye beach on the resort side of the island. Passage peak, the highest point of the island is visible in the background.

A view of the harbour and the dock on which I worked.

My bestest Aussie friend who I miss dearly - Lucy.
This is on the boat 'run to paradise' which we used to jump on after work at Sunsail for the weekly race around the neighbouring island.

Run to paradise - the boat on which I learned to sail. (I'm officially a 'competent crew member' you know)

Flo and Jesse on the heavenly Hill Inlet. It was a gnarly day and the row in from our boat seemed to take hours.

The one and only time I managed to make it to Passage Peak. With views to Whitsunday Island.

Rory (a friend since aged 3 or 4 and lucky possesor of an Australian passport) on the harbour side of the island.

This was a staff party for Sunsail - someone had painted twister on to a huge old sail so 20 or more people could play at once. Here they're stepping the game up a notch to separate the wheat from the chaff.

This is me snorkelling in what I found out later is a hammerhead shark breeding ground.
On another trip to this inlet we swam in to the island and visited a cave with ancient aboriginal paintings.

Someone remind me why I'm living in Belfast?

Random photo of the day

Young girl with cool beaded hair in a children's home in Ndola where I spent a couple of weeks during my first trip to Zambia.
Taken with my beloved lomo fisheye camera.

For sale: bowling bag

For sale: this leather bowling bag with compartments for two bowls. It can of course also be used as a handbag or storage case. It has green felt lining, buckle clasps and the ghost of the previous owner's name still inscibed on it - D.Higginson.

This round bag is full of character and is in vintage condition i.e. the buckles and handle are quite worn (see photos) but the leather is good and thick so it's still perfectly sturdy.

Yours for £9 plus any postage costs. Leave a message to buy.

This round section separating the two compartments could easily be removed to make a roomier bag.

Today's find: fondue forks

There I go again, buying something I have no idea what to do with. These I believe are fondue skewers (feel free to correct me), the only problem is that I don't actually own a fondue pot.
The coloured tips however had me at hello.

It was only £1 for the lot so I could afford this splash of 70s colour in my kitchen. For now I'm throwing them in with all my lovely bone-handled knives which I also picked up recently in a charity shop. I refuse to butter my bread with anything else!

The large silver knife was a present from the hotel where Danny and I had our wedding and they engraved our names and the date on it - so sweet!