Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Happy Birthday Hubby

For Danny's 36th birthday we hired out this amazing little cinema in Comber, just a few miles away from Belfast.
The Spence brothers have built two 1940s style cinemas just down the lane from one another, using materials reclaimed from local cinemas as they were refurbished or closed.
Look at the beautiful interior! A friend who was there with us remarked that the place reminded him of the Regal cinema in Limavady that he'd grown up going to, and it turns out that the seats came from that very cinema! Northern Ireland is a very small place.
We watched pretty much the best film ever made, 'The Princess Bride'.
Haven't seen it?
Happy birthday husbando.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Feliz Ano Nuevo

That's happy new year to you and me! This year I lucked out and spent it in Madrid along with Danny, his mum and sister and her boyfriend.
Weirdly all bars in Madrid close until after midnight but we managed to find a Cuban restaurant which served obscenely large rum cocktails in which to pass a few hours before the countdown.
I forced poor Danny to make the trek down to the Puerta del Sol where everyone traditionally sees in the new year but our tardiness and the crowds of 30,000 or more people meant that the square was full and we were squeezed into a side street for midnight.
As it turns out Dan's sister and her boyfriend had a better view of the countdown at the square from the warmth of their bar (and it is COLD in Madrid this time of year!) but it was cool to be part of all the excitement. Plus I have a slightly perverse love of being in big crowds.
I hope you all spent the new year somewhere lovely with someone you love.