Monday, 21 February 2011

Origami wedding decorations

My sister and I used to be really into origami when we were younger and I recall a half-arsed attempt she once made at making 1000 paper cranes. So in my wisdom I decided the best use of my time in the the run-up to my wedding last summer would obviously be to attempt again to make those thousand cranes.

Traditionally a couple will make the 1000 cranes together and the time and energy required to make them represents the patience and trust required to sustain a happy marriage. In practice husband Danny made a few cranes but once again it was my elder sister and I who risked repetitive strain injury folding endless squares of coloured paper.

Mountains of cranes formed in my home but in my typical last-minute fashion, it wasn't until the frenzied day before the wedding that the paper birds were made into be-ribboned decorations for the pew ends in the church.

My dad being despatched to the church to put the cranes in place on the morning-of.

photos by Ronan O'Donnell.

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