Thursday, 3 February 2011

Seating plan and wedding invites

Following on from yesterday's post about the table names at my wedding in July, here is how I made the seating plan using the same Mills & Boon book covers. I got a simple white picture frame, photocopied the images to the right size and laid them on a background of coloured squares of paper.

Then it was just a matter of printing out the lists of guests at each table and hey presto! I added a copy of our silhouettes at the top.

Husband Danny and I went to my friend Emma's wedding in England the summer before and they had a crazy talented man there who could whip up your paper-cut silhouette in a matter of minutes! What a treasure. Here's his website

We got a recently graduated graphic design friend called Drew ( ) to design these fab invites for us using the cutout silhouette. I think the cut-outs are a really nice idea to personalise your invites while still keeping it graphic and classy.

And as a bonus I've been able to use the left over reply cards to make my thank you cards.
(hopefully the handmade element helped people forgive me for the tardiness of sending the thank yous out!)

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