Friday, 11 February 2011


Well what a wonderful way to spend a morning.

I spent a few hours learning the basics of embroidery with the intensely talented and chic Paris based group 'Collectif Brodeuses' based currently in the Belfast gallery ps2.

They are holding free collective embroidery classes there until the 24th February and I don't know when I last had such clean-livin' fun. Take a look in the window if you're passing to see the growing collection of 'urban' themed samplers. It's an age-old craft brought into the 21st Century.

A lovely lady from the Belfast Art college drew the outline of a lamp post for me and I gave a stab at embroidering it.

Below - Brodeuse extraordinaire Alessandra Celesia displays a charming sampler of a doggie doing a do-do.(close-up to follow)

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