Wednesday, 9 February 2011


What with it being nearly Valentine's and all, I felt it incumbent upon me to do some sort of post about lurve.

So who better to turn to for inspiration than American Pop Artist Robert Indiana and his 1964 design classic 'LOVE'. The Love sculpture has been re-imagined countless times - Hebrew and Arabic versions of the sculpture have been created, it was made into a stamp in 1973 and some clever people recently created a ring version of it. (I covet it!) Try if you're looking for something similar.

He did a version for Obama's campaign. We likey.

Below is my paltry effort at reinterpreting the LOVE logo.
There's an old rickety house on my walk home from town whose slate tiles have all fallen off. So, I picked one up, cleaned it off and sketched the word 'love' with its slanted 'O' in pencil before filling it in with metallic marker and I'm going to use it as a centrpiece for a valentine's day dinner.

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