Friday, 10 June 2011

Holy Pictures

Something I always look out for when charity shop shopping are religious pictures and statues. It's a bit strange as I'm not religious at all but I have a weird fondness for the Catholic church and a huge obsession with collecting its iconography.

The top picture is kind of in the style of Russian or Greek Orthodox iconography and the gold background shines, which you can't really see in the photo. The next three (including a pair) are more typical pictures you used to see in all good Catholic homes around Ireland though I suspect they're going out of favour these days, hence so many being found in charity shops. I do have issues with the image of Jesus as a blond white guy but I can't help but love the pictures just the same.

The picture above was painted by my very own talented husband, I shall have to get it framed. But the absolute piece de resistance is this picture below of the Sacred Heart, found in a charity shop yesterday for three pounds. THREE POUNDS! It's really big and I think really old. One day I'll have a whole wall full of these icons.

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