Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ballynoe Stone Circle.

Down this long grass-lined path with fairy thorns overhead was the ancient stone circle of Ballynoe, parts of which date to the Neolithic period.
These types of wonders hide down country lanes all over Ireland.
This one is just outside Downpatrick.

There are several of those little holes on that stone. They could possibly be natural, places where the rain has worn away other softer stones over time, but I've seen other stones which had holes bored into them to receive votive offerings to the Gods, and this stone appeared to be at a possible entrance to the circle.

Husband Danny whisked me away for a night in Annalong on Monday and we spent the next day exploring this stone circle, (which would be an amazing location for a handfasting or wedding ceremony) and nearby Dundrum Castle. A lovely mini adventure.

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