Friday, 24 February 2012

Nellie the Elephant

Somehow I forgot to post about this recent find - a yellow elephant money box from the Northern Bank in Northern Ireland. I remember these from my childhood though I didn't have one myself. I looked them up online and found an identical one from the Midlands bank in England and apprently they were made in Finland in the 1970s.

The Ulster bank had the more famous 'Henry Hippo' money boxes which loads of my school friends had and I was so jealous of them because I was with a different bank. No need to be jealous any more! 

I must confess however that I inexplicably decided that the best thing to remove the decades of dirt would be nail polish remover. I was wrong. It stripped the shine off parts of the suface before I realised the error of my ways. Still, I love the bulbous shape of her and perhaps she'll encourage me to save a few pennies for a rainy day. 

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