Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Charity shop shopping

Some people hate rummaging around charity shops and the mere mention of TX maxx will bring them out in hives; personally I get antsy if I go more than a day or two without my charity shop fix. So I'm going to pass on a tip. First you have to find what I would call an 'old lady charity shop'. You know the kind - ladies of a certain age hang out there to chat and drink tea, it's usually overcrowded and a bit of a mess - and the best bit - you can get pretty much anything in these places for under a pound.

With a bit of investigation work you'll work out which charity shops are cheap and which are extracting the Michael (naming no names OXFAM). These sorts of shops often have an offer like 5 books for a pound and if they do then search out old books with covers with character, especially ones with nice bindings. All of the books in this picture (bar 3) were bought 5 for £1. Even if they never get read they look so pretty! And they can be used for craft projects too - I've even seen old books made into handbags and pinhole cameras.

Happy searching!


  1. Someone needs to compile a list of Belfast's best charity shops, like this one for London:

    That someone could be you..

  2. Good idea! I'm loathe to give away my secrets but I guess there are enough treasures out there to go around. :)