Thursday, 27 January 2011

Crafternoon soon!

It's crafternoon time methinks! I feel the need for a lazy Sunday afternoon filled with crafting, quaffing and cake eating. Leave a comment if you'd like to come. It'll be at my house in North Belfast on Sunday 6th February.

These are a few of the craft ideas I've come up with so far for possible activities. The top picture is a doily cameo and would require you to bring a profile photograph of the person whose portrait you want to make. The above picture shows totally lush giant poppies made from card and the one below shows a really clever way to revamp old necklaces you don't wear any more. 

Leave me a comment to say which projects you'd like to do best so I can get the materials in. Or, we could go all playschool and make cards for a lucky valentine.

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