Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Jigs 'n' Rigs

This Friday is a special day as Danny and I will be getting the ferry to the magical island of Rathlin off the North Antrim coast for the Jigs 'n' Rigs music festival. It'll be Dan's first experience of it and my third. I was so excited the morning of my first trip to Rathlin in '04 my mother had to send me out into the back garden to run off some energy the way she used to do when I was wee. Here are some photos from the other two trips.

If possible I'm even more excited this time around because it's three years since I've been to the festival. These photos aren't great as they're scanned from prints I took in '04 and then I stupidly deleted a whole memory card's worth from my time there in '07 and could only salvage a few.

I'm taking my camera this time so that I can capture the wonder of Jigs 'n' Rigs '11 and I'm hoping and praying that it doesn't befall any foolish mishaps.

The first time I went there were no facilities at all and going to the toilet meant a solitary ramble over the heather and washing meant finding a pool of water somewhere in the hills. There will definitely be no dirty burger vans or stands selling T-shirts. It's heaven.

p.s. if you happen to be the photographer of the fire spinner images let me know!

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