Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Jigs 'n' Rigs - A wild weekend

All over for another year. Danny and I made it back from 'Jigs n Rigs' on Rathlin Island in one piece and are now duly recovered. Please witness the beautiful location for this most wondrous of festivals.

Above, the all-pervading, never ceasing techno tent and below, my favoured spot. A barn/tent construction with a record player and amplification. Simples.

Below, the long drop with its charming 'poo only' sign. It may not too look appealing but was actually in better shape than the portaloos after the first two nights.

We escaped the field on the third day to make a mission to the puffin sanctuary at the far end of the island. We passed this cairn presumably marking the highest point on the island.

We caught a ride with some fellow party-goers down to the port in the back of someone's trailer. Not exactly plain sailing.

These photographs paint a fairly sedate picture of the festival, probably because the camera was safely esconced away during all the madness. Also because the island is so pretty that I mostly took pictures of the scenery. Rest assured that the crazies were out in force and a wild time was had by all.

Profoundest thanks to the organisers of this non commercialised good time.

Any profits from ticket sales went to support the Shell to Sea campaign in Mayo.
click here to learn more.

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