Monday, 8 August 2011

The Giant's Ring

A rare afternoon off together resulted in Danny and I driving out to the Giant's Ring - large ancient earthworks just a few minutes drive outside Belfast. It is roughly 200m across and a beautiful example of a 'henge' monument built around 2700BC during the neolithic period.

There were once three rings of tall wooden posts within the earthworks (lines just visible in the spliced photo I think) and the site was most likely used for ceremonial meetings back in the day.  Nowadays I think it is looked after by the council but it keeps quite a low profile and is mostly frequented by local dog-walkers rather than tourists. Fields of gold surround the Giant's Ring and general loveliness abounds.

Despite years of ploughing and horseriding competitions over the last few centuries, this dolmen survives in the centre of the enclosure. Just after we arrived a female harpist arrived for a photo shoot for her album cover in front of these old rocks.

To finish: a picture of a rather large mushroom.

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