Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas chez moi

Here are a few pictures of the Christmas decorations in our house this year.
I love how big our house is but there are several aspects of it that I would rip out if I could - this monstrosity of a fireplace being number one on my list. So I've piled as many reindeer, snowflakes and book trees on there as possible to try to disguise the fugliness.

We have a real tree again this year, and despite losing many of its needles in the process of falling over twice, I think it's looking pretty festive. Again it's a case of the 'more is more' school of decorating. (And yes, the vertical blinds are a close second on my hate list. Oh to have my own house!)

The gorgeous wooden nativity set was a wedding present from a family friend who also taught both me and Danny when we were at school. It got a little damaged when the pipes burst in our house last year, but has lived to tell the tale for another year.

In the foreground are two lampshades which are part of my latest unfinished project. One is covered with doilies and the other will soon have pompoms and artificial birds all over it. The plan is to sell them one day but maybe I should concentrate on finishing this one first!

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