Thursday, 22 December 2011

Present-wrapping in Portstewart

A while back I found some amazing old 'Picture Post' magazines from 1939 and they've just been sitting in a pile ever since. So, I decided I'd make some use of the hilarious retro advertisements to decorate my presents. The cigarette advert above was the obvious choice for my mother-in-law's gift. And I'm not making any kind of statement about my sister-in-law's mental state in the picture below - I just thought the ad was funny!

I got back home to Portstewart yesterday and have already caught up with loads of my school friends last night at the pub. Today has been spent wrapping presents, visiting family friends to exchange gifts and watching other people make yummy things like my mum's Christmas cake below.

It's so nice not to be working in retail anymore so I get proper Christmas holidays for the first time in years. Bliss. I hope you're all with friends/family and having a gay old time.

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