Thursday, 15 March 2012

Chez moi

Inspired by my earlier room envy post, I tidied up this corner of our living/dining room. It's not quite as elegant but I like things to be homey. I'd completely forgotten I had this amazing and really long zebra painted hanging that I bought in Zambia a few years ago. So it is now the one and only 'curtain' I have in the house. Shameful. 

The beautiful silver bonbon tray was recently passed to me after my great aunt died, and the poster is a copy of the old British Railways poster for my hometown.

Our makeshift bookcase which consists of the base of an old dressing table and the wooden pigeonhole unit, both of which we pulled out of skips. They've been awaiting a revamp for a while, but until I find a bookcase, there they stay.

And I got this toy tiger today in a charity shop because I keep seeing spray-painted toy animals on the blogosphere and I want to get in on that action!

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