Wednesday, 14 March 2012

small adventures

This is the harbour in Portstewart (where I'm from) taken on Saturday when Danny and I drove round the Antrim coastline a bit. It was pretty stormy to begin with but ended up quite charming. It wasn't however quite as rainbow-coloured as the above photo may suggest. (I've got some new photo toys and apps that I'm obsessively playing with these days.)

And this AMAZING house is called Bendhu and is on the road down to Ballintoy harbour. It was built by a Cornish man called Newton Penprase and he worked on it for 40 years, starting in 1936.
It's a private house still and has duly been added onto my already long list of dream houses.
The Harbour at Ballintoy is pretty dramatic too. It reminds me of the seascape in the last scene of 'The Goonies' where one-eyed Willy's ship sails out.

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