Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A headless virgin

So you may remember that I had an exhibition in April that required me to transport virtually everything I own down to the PS2 project space, and then all back home again a month later. I was prepared for the simple fact that not everything would survive the perilous journey in the back of a van.

Mary was the sole casualty.
Mary is a treasured piece of my weird holy paraphenalia collection but she had already befallen a decapitation and been glued together again before I even bought her so this breakage was not a huge surprise. I did intend to glue her back together again but as with most decrepit things I own, I get to like them as they are after a while.

I found this glass cloche in TKMaxx the other day and a virgin's head seemed the only sensible thing to put under it. The gold frame was a bargain charity shop find and the photograph in it was one I took in Galway and exhibited in a photographic exhibition I had many moons ago. The actual sheep's skull was found on a separate jaunt (my mum wouldn't let me bring the one in the photo into her home!)

In case you're interested, the tall candle stick came from a Greek pottery studio we visited on honeymoon, the material came from Thailand and the tray is made up of loads of real butterfly wings. It's one of my favourite finds ever. Gosh It's all a bit macabre isn't it?

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