Monday, 18 June 2012

Magical Meath, part 1: Rath Maeve

At the weekend Danny and I escaped the big bad city and went to County Meath for two nights. We intended to camp on the first night but the rain put paid to that plan and instead we stayed in a lodge right opposite the entrance to the Newgrange complex of 5,000 year old passage tombs.

But more of that later. These photographs are from a little known ancient enclosure called Rath Maeve, which I henceforce claim as my spiritual home (my name is Maeve in case you didn't know). Maeve was an important Goddess and a fearsome queen who was married to nine successive high kings of Ireland.

Rath Maeve is a 750ft enclosure just a couple of minutes down the road from the hill of Tara, the seat of the high kings of Ireland which is often referenced in mythology. It is a simple large clearing with earthworks around much of the perimeter and an opening facing towards Tara. There is a beautiful peacefulness about the place, but then I'm biased because it was named after me.

Home at last.

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