Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Celtic Carvings at Kinnagoe Bay

Just in front of where we camped at the weekend there were some celtic carvings on some rocks, not unlike those on the stones at the neolithic Newgrange passage tomb in County Meath. Most of us there agreed that the chisel marks looked a bit fresh to be have been made by ancient man, but in a way it doesn't matter to me whether they're 'real' or not. It shows that the celtic spirit lives on in Ireland. And Kinnagoe Bay is one special place. Remote, beautiful, wild.
We found a charcoal stick just asking to be drawn with, so I drew what I always draw - the triple spiral I had tattooed on my foot recently.
Danny and I made a trip to the car for supplies and the tide was so high on the way back that we had to climb over some rocks instead of going round them, and that path revealed another spiral carving, more like a labyrinth. And the next time I looked for it I spotted yet another spiral, this one exactly the same as my tattoo (inspired by the Newgrange chamber carving). When I went back to photograph it, it had rained and it couldn't be seen as clearly. Have a look to see if you can spot it just below the crack in the photo below.

The long trek we took to our camping spot on the second beach meant that we saw not one stranger on our beach during the four days we were there.

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