Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Bell Tent at Kinnagoe.

Despite the mammoth trek to our secluded beach, and with some help from our friends, Danny and I carried the famous bell tent and all the necessary accessories needed to make things really comfortable on the beach.
Blankets, blankets and more blankets.
The guys kept a fire pit going fairly steadily from Thursday until Sunday and produced copious amounts of meat to keep us all sustained. There was even proper coffee with rum for breakfast and locally cut turf, my favourite smell in the world.
The Thai triangle cushions I carted all the way back from Bangkok were worth the extra weight, and having Bob the dog around made it feel like a proper camping trip. On the second night another group of friends arrived and we happily discovered that our tent can easily and cosily shelter ten people from the rain for a solstice party. We woke up to a lazy sunny Saturday.
Natural alcoves in the rocks were perfect for holding teacandles.
All in all the air was fresh, the beach was all ours, the company was beloved, the scenery was spectacular, and I'm pretty sure the rocks were magic.
You should go.

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