Monday, 16 May 2011

Good times in Dublin

I took these pictures when I was staying in Dublin for a week or so last summer, working at the Dublin Wheel while the managers of the photography operation were on holiday. I know it's a bit late to be posting them now but I was just browsing through old photos and memories of these sunny times made me smile.

From the top of the wheel I could see Poolbeg power station out by the sea so I took a wander after work one day and found myself first on the beach and then strolling through the beautiful Irishtown Nature Reserve. It was only a short walk from Dublin city centre and the busy docks but it was a real haven with loads of butterflies and all sorts of flora and fauna to see.

The Dublin Wheel, previously the Belfast Wheel where I worked for two years. We had so much fun at that job (it's even where Husband Danny and I met) but didn't really appreciate how good we had it until it was shut down and we all lost our jobs.

Views of the sea and an old diving tower at Blackrock, just outside of Dublin where my aunt lives.

I visited the National Museum and saw many old Irish treasures including the Ardagh Chalice which dates from 700 - 800AD and below it the original Tara Brooch, also from around 700 AD

Danny came down to visit and we went to Phoenix Park and soaked up some evening rays sitting on the huge obelisk. We drank wine and watched traveller boys riding bareback through the meadow in front of us. The next day we wangled our way in to the zoo for free (the same company does the photography there as at the wheel) and watched the amazing gorillas.

I'm very much in need of a holiday but this year I'm contenting myself with a little trip around Ireland to visit various mythological sites such as dolmens and cairns. You can expect many, many photographs of that some time next month.

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