Thursday, 19 May 2011

Manifesto films

Manifesto Films, run by a very talented friend of mine by the name of Phil Harrison, recently won the short film award at the Belfast Film Festival with ‘Even Gods’. All cast and crew gave their time and skills for free and I had the pleasure of helping out with props and stills photography. If you haven’t seen the film yet, click here to watch it online.

The plan for Manifesto Films' next project The Good Man is for a new kind of filmmaking.  The idea is to build a community around the project, in which investors, cast & crew, the production company, and township residents all have a stake in the film.
The film will be funded through a simple investment scheme.  There are 400 project shares available at £150 each, giving a total budget for the production of £60,000 and all returns made by the film will then be divided up in the following way:
40% to investors | 30% to the production company | 20% to cast and crew | 10% to a township trust for local filmmakers/artists. Have a look at the synopsis below and if you're intrigued then visit the film's website here to learn more.

Michael is a young Irishman on the way up; a wife and daughter he loves, good friends, a promising career. But everything begins to unravel when, through a simple act of thoughtlessness, he causes a stranger's death in an accident.
Sifiso is a bright, sharp teenager living in an informal settlement in Cape Town. Hoping for a place at university, and a better future, he is inadvertently drawn deeper into the harsh struggles of township life, and begins to ask why the new South Africa looks so much like the old.
Worlds apart, both men find themselves faced with the same question: how to be good. And when their stories unexpectedly collide, their impact on one another's lives is far greater, and more surprising, than either could have imagined.

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