Tuesday, 17 April 2012

DIY lampshades

Here are a couple of ideas for upcycling those cheap paper globe lampshades you find everywhere, and they each only cost a few pounds to make!


I decided that I would put the lost & found exhibition space to good use and get my craft on there. So armed with just some lampshades, paint, tissue paper and glue I came up with these two designs, and I have a whole load more ideas I still want to try out.

The star lampshade is simply a matter of cutting shapes from tissue paper and sticking them on using PVA glue. Simples.

For the paint drip lampshade you just mix some coloured paints with a little water and then use a plastic cup to drip them all over the shade. Then let it dry before then turning it upside down and repeat!

Here they are lit up:

How would you decorate yours?

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