Monday, 30 April 2012

Home at last

So the lost & found exhibition at PS2 has come to an end during a rather full-on weekend.

On Saturday I held a vintage jumble sale and parted ways with some of the items from the show. Only some mind!

A large proportion of my collection of holy pictures will soon be gracing the new refurb of the upstairs in the Spaniard bar in Belfast.

I've kept the best ones and have a renewed resolve to buy only the best items I find from now on. I don't want to become a hoarder. Tell me it's not too late?

Then on Sunday I led a cake stand class at the Crescent Arts Centre and later enlisted some big strong men to help me transport the entire installation home in one fell swoop. And they did me proud! Thanks Bob, Jim and Dan.

Now I'm relishing the opportunity to redesign our home and our living room is slowly transforming from an ugly duck pile of stuff into a swan. A very higgledy-piggledy, overcrowded and colourful swan but hopefully a swan nonetheless!

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