Monday, 2 April 2012


Here's yet another update on the exhibition progress. I wanted to make the space feel homely but wallpapering seemed a tall order in the time I have so I decided to stencil a design on the walls instead.

I found a free downloadable design online, printed it out, enlarged it to A3 with a photocopier, and traced it onto card. In the end I had to simplify the design in places and change it so that it would be a little sturdier. Here is the finished article:

I probably should have used slightly thicker card as the stencil was falling to pieces by the time I finished but it just about held it together for the last stencil. The end results are a little fuzzy round the edges but the overall effect will look fine I think once all my pictures are hung on top of them.

I found a perfectly lovely table outside a derelict house on my street the other day and I brought it down to the space and painted it the same colour blue as the stencil. (not pictured) I love finding abandoned furniture and this one really fits in with the 'lost and found' theme of the exhibition. There will be many, many more pictures of the table and all other parts of the show to come. Lucky you.

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