Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gallery wall

In case it wasn't already obvious I go in for the 'more is more' school of decorating. Here I've hung as many pieces of found art as possible on this bare expanse by layering up pictures on the dado rail.

The big picture on the right is by David Gordon Hughes and was my 21st birthday present from my parents. The artist lays gold leaf on his canvases before painting so that little bits show through.

The big painting on the left is by another Irish artist called Kenlito. It was lying around unframed and unloved in the boiler room of the print warehouse/framing workshop of the art gallery company I used to work for
( http://www.theirishartgroup.com/ ) in the glens of Antrim.

It depicts the famous ruin of Dunluce Castle outside Portrush. I bought the painting and had it framed when I left the job to go travelling in Australia. The rest of the paintings are from my found art collection.

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