Saturday, 12 March 2011

A walk over Divis and Black mountain.

Last Saturday husband Danny and I took a drive to the nearby hills of Belfast and walked in the Divis and Black mountains, looked after by the National Trust. Plenty of people were out walking their dogs as far as the huge radio masts, the tops of which were in the clouds.

It was pretty bleak out there I have to admit, but it blew away the cobwebs and I'm going to go back in the summer to experience the place in its prime. On a good day the views over Belfast are supposed to be gorgeous and you can even see as far as the coasts of England, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

There are also at least four bronze age burial cairns and an earlier megalithic tomb up on the mountain which is composed of a mix of grasslands, heath and bog. How lucky we are to have this place on the doorstep of our city.

Ponds full of frog spawn - the only signs of wildlife we came across. I reckon the place needs a few deer thrown in to spice up the walk.

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