Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Vintage cake stands

These are a few of the cake stands I made recently using vintage china and glass. I love the colourful one (above) so much that I may have to keep it, but I'm making plenty more to sell at an upcoming craft stall I'm doing on the 2nd April.

The pink cake stand above is for sale at £25 so just leave a comment if you'd like to buy it, or they can be made to order to any size/colour specification. Unfortunately due to the fragile nature of the piece they're only available to buy within N.Ireland. More pictures coming soon.

The one below is one I gave to my sister and mother in law for Christmas. I probably should have stacked them with cupcakes for the photos but then I'd have to eat them and that would upset baby jesus what with it being Lent and all.

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