Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Latest finds

I used to buy just about all my clothes from charity shops but these days I bypass the clothes and head straight for the 'bric-a-brac'. That must mean I'm growing up or nesting or somehting. I've also started thinking about the whole idea of buying fewer but more expensive pieces of clothing instead of my usual end of sale bargains, I've yet to put those thoughts into practice though.  

Today though I found this cute playsuit which I can't wait to wear as soon as the sun makes an appearance, and I also got some harem pants from oxfam. But it was the bric-a-brac again which won out. I bought a veritable trove of treasure, including this doll which I'll be bringing along to the book fair on Saturday, and some more vintage books. Gotta love the English/African stereotypes on the cover of 'The Valley of Mystery'.

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